Simple Designs Give You Great Style

Less is More

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Simplicity Conveys Sophistication

A trend toward minimalist decor signals a welcome return to simpler times and simpler pleasures. Simplicity is not so much a design and decor statement as a style of utilizing what it is that you love and doing what seems right! Focus on the total look and feeling of the day's celebration. Aim for an overall impression.

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Planning a gorgeous wedding requires diligent attention, but with a minimalist theme it becomes easier to strip away the unnecessary and retain only what's meaningful and pertinent. The emphasis should be on you!

Remove extraneous details and highlight only a few meaningful accessories -the effort pays off, because what's left is the essence of a personalized expression of you as a couple.  Minimalism can honor family traditions and reflect individuality. Remember - Sometimes, more is not better, it is just more.  

Basic Elements

Think simple forms and classic shapes. Neutral palettes, dreamy linen, single flowers, crisp details.  Put them together with a punch of your personality and you've created an enchanting design direction.  The basic premise is that nothing intrudes on the senses: Highlight only the elements you want. Your wedding will not boring, by the book, or cookie-cutter expressions from a standard wedding idea book - your family and guests will appreciate and long remember what your wedding is truly all about.

utilize Nature's Beauty

Let the architecture dictate a theme and play up the beauty of surrounding materials, old stone walls, a rustic barn, a special tree, your Gram's perennial garden, the horse farm you grew up riding at - all can be perfect themes and backdrops. Use the natural elements to form the basis of your minimalist theme.  

Chic simplicity can be crafted from a simple white fabric with branches and scattered blooms.  Stunning for ceremony , behind a cake or behind a sweetheart table. Just draping fabric can also be stunning in its simplicity.

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For a buffet or food station - let the food presentation be the focus with minimal distractions and decoration. Use simple calligraphy or graphic type for menus and place cards.  Make a bold statement with a pure white tiered wedding cake festooned only with a sprig of greenery. And forego massive floral displays in favor of simple greenery or individual blooms in separate vases.  Let graphic design take precedence over color. Celebrate simplicity in all manner of ways. 

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Organic Elegance

Be true to an individual vision of loveliness, however you choose to define it. Organic elegance elements may be picked from nature, crafted from organic materials, chosen for their graphic design qualities, or reflective of long-standing family traditions. What's important is that every element has a purpose -- and not just to fill up space! No matter what the season or the setting, minimalism is stylish and in vogue. Keep the look fresh, unique and personal!