Sweetheart Table vs. Head Table

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The Table Debate: Sweetheart vs. Head

Which type of table do you prefer?

When choosing the layout for your reception venue, one decision is where the bride and groom will sit and where their wedding party will be seated.  These tables are typically set apart from the guest tables. 

Head Table

A head table is a table at which the bride, and groom are seated in the center with the wedding party sitting on either side. 

Traditionally, the Brides attendants are on her side, with the grooms’ attendants on his side.  More and more, couples are alternating brides and grooms attendants every other seat.

Something you need to think through if you decide to go with a head table, is where will their dates sit; at the table with them or elsewhere? If you have the space and you like the idea of having everyone together, go ahead and have them sit with you. And party on!  Some couples love to be closely surrounded by all their favorites people and in reality, it is very special.  Head tables also tend to make for beautiful focal points in the reception, and helps give your guests a hint as to where to look for toasts, speeches etc.

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Sweetheart Table

A sweetheart table with just the two of you is very intimate.   This selection is often to make the dates of the bridal party more comfortable by not separating them for the evening.  The sweetheart table gives couples a few moments to be together, allowing a little one on one time allows a moment to cuddle as the day flies by. Sweetheart tables are also more inviting for your guests to greet you, because they do not have to talk over or slide behind a long head table.

Once you select sweetheart or head table, then comes the fun where we can help! How to setup the table, what type, style, chairs on one or both sides…how to decorate on, above, behind and beside.  Some popular types of head tables are one long table, or horseshoe-shaped.  It is fashionable for a sweetheart table to bring in one of your own, or family heirloom to make the moment (and photographs) all the more special!

Now, where do you place the table?

Just about anywhere you want!  There are no right or wrong ways to place the table.  You will find that many venues will tell you that we typically place the table here, and in this way.  You can go with that, but it is your day, so if that does not suit your style, change it up!  Consider where your dance floor will be, buffet, and entertainment and go with what feels best to you.  At the same time, if you want a dramatic hanging piece over the table, the anchor points may dictate where in the venue such a drama piece can be hung.  These are the details that your wedding designer will be a great resource to you.

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