Why Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?


Featuring: Kris Lenox of K. Lenox Photography

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The Magic of a Wedding

For nearly 25 years we have created magical memories for a diverse set of clients all around the South East and New England.  We strive to create a wedding that is uniquely yours highlighting what is important to you. We develop a picture by creating visual and emotional experiences that resonate powerfully to your guests.  Now how do you capture the true magic of the day!  The answer, having the right photographer! 

As a wedding designer and coordinator I have heard a number of horror stories about wedding disasters. People being let down with the results that a non-professional has produced. Your photos are the only lasting memory you will have of the day, and if they don’t turn out as you want, then your memories will be ruined.

Can't my friend do it?

Often times clients get sticker shock when looking for a photographer.  Then they try to skimp by choosing to let ‘a friend’ do it, or ‘I know someone with a good camera’, or ‘we’re just going to let our guests take the photos’. This is all well and good and you may feel that you are saving money by doing this, but I guarantee you will be disappointed.

I asked a photographer friend of mine, Kris Lenox - owner and wizard of K. Lenox Photography - why she thinks hiring a professional is a good idea...

Why Hire a Professional

You have to trust that the person taking your photos is educated in one way or another.   But what can't be taught is passion, how to "compose" the shot,  how to have a good eye. And, let's not forget, that you actually have to have people skills, be able to communicate, make people comfortable in front of the camera - and how to pose people to make them look their best in a photograph.  

Professional wedding photographers have a passion for what they do, it is a full time career and they put everything into becoming the best they can be.  Clients do not know about all the technical BS: insurance, back up equipment, hard drives in case of failures, software, education and the experience that is all behind the scenes. They just know who feels right!

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The education

A professional photographer will have had years of training and/or schooling in the art of photography. They’ll know their equipment inside and out. They’ll be able to set their camera to the proper exposure intuitively, without having to stop and fumble through a manual. Wedding photographers in particular sometimes have just 2 to 3 seconds to adjust their settings on-the-fly so that they don’t miss a shot.

Think of it this way – the next time you go for a hair cut and you know a pair of scissors only costs $1.50 and you're told the hair style will be $100 - will you gladly pay that to hire a professional to actually do the job, or have your friend do it?.

Lighting Techniques

Lighting is key to successful photography and is a whole topic unto itself. It can take years for a photographer to master lighting techniques both in dimly lit barns or bright sunny ceremony locations . A professional photographer is able to adjust camera settings quickly and fluidly based upon diverse or changing lighting conditions. The professional is also experienced at expertly supplementing the natural lighting with their own professional lighting effects as needed, (think dark reception halls) all while keeping all the photos rendered consistent in look and quality. 

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There’s no shortcut to experience, and you take a tremendous gamble with a first-timer or an inexperienced photographer not knowing what to do at various points during your wedding.  Do you really want to trust all your memories on an amateur?  Blurry photos, inconsistent editing,  non-flattering ,  or even just a flat out stressful experience.

Professionally Invested

A professional photographer is working for you, and they are invested in your satisfaction. You are their client, not their relative or friend, and they will retain a level of professionalism your aunt or brother-in-law may not. They also have the fortitude and commitment to work for long periods without breaks and see the job through so that the best results possible are achieved.

Wedding Photography is a Passion and Art

When it comes to choosing photographers you can't compare apples to oranges. Everything today is done to be in a picture, everything goes into a photo somewhere....all things are documented.  If you are spending shit ton of $$$  on flowers, food, the photos are what you share with generations to come and they have to match your vision.  

Unlike the work of your other wedding vendors photographs aren't things you can hear, smell, taste or even see at first—you don't really know what you're getting until after the fact. That means careful research and selectiveness regarding professional skills, artistic style and personal demeanor are extra important when choosing your photographer.  Take the time to sit down with your photographer, look at their work, feel out their personality and style

I love what I do says Kris, I put my heart and Soul into my work and I think my customers are glad that I do!

The Fruits of Our Efforts

Like Kris, I too adore what I do. I put everything I can into understanding the couples vision for their wedding - what they love, what they want their guests to feel, see and remember.  I can tell you, after almost 25 years of designing amazing looks, the photographs are what last and what show all the love and passion that went into that very special of times - your wedding!

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