Style Guide for November 2018

Entertaining for the Holiday Season

Keep It Natural

When choosing the feel for your Harvest tablescape, take a cue from nature and make it your own. Instead of choosing the traditional orange and brown, think Almond Biscotti, Red Pear, fresh green and Cinnamon Spice - Incorporate natural elements and metallics into your centerpiece and place settings. Vibrant foliage and wild grass clippings add dimension and height to your tables cape. Bring home the natural beauty that surrounds us in the glow of autumn!

If woods and grasses are not your thing, how about taking your guests on a voyage they’ll not forget? Set your table inspired by landscapes, adventurous patterns - bring them on a journey with exotic color palettes.

Fall Natural Tablescape

Fall Natural Tablescape

Have a unique drama piece - Mix up all the Tones, Biscotti, Gold, Red Pear and Green with the Pewter - entertain with class and style!

Have a unique drama piece - Mix up all the Tones, Biscotti, Gold, Red Pear and Green with the Pewter - entertain with class and style!

Hostess Gift or Inviting Entry Table

Hostess Gift or Inviting Entry Table

Change Up Your Table

Create a lush table runner with greenery and metallic accents with shapes by mixing and matching your glasses, china, candlesticks.

wide and loose greenery on lace.jpg
blue glassware.jpg
adding copper to greenery.jpg

Change up the color scheme even more with pastel colors in the flowers, colors in the glassware, napkins and china. Or, for something completely different, mirror your table and watch the candlelight glow like you’ve never seen before!

Try new color combinations - Red Pear and Blush, Sage and Pewter, Biscott and Cinnamon Spice - Just PLAY!


If a variety of colors is not your thing, how about monochromatic?

Copper Tones

Copper Tones

Cream and sage Green

Cream and sage Green

Various Tones of Spice

Various Tones of Spice

Make It Your Own

Whatever you choose to do, make it your own. Sure, take a look at Martha, Colin and Pinterest and see all the beauty that has been done before, then take an idea from things you like, scramble it all up and make your entertaining as memorable as possible. And most of all, have fun!

Wedding Flowers for Each Season

What flowers are in bloom when you are getting married?

Wedding Flowers for Each Season


Agapanthus, Amaryllis, Anemone, Apple blossom, Bird of Paradise, Brodea, Calla lily, , Cherry Blossom, Corn flower, Cosmos, Dahlia, Delphinium, Forsythia, Freesia, Gardenia, Heather, Helleborus, Hollyhock, Hyacinth,  Larkspur, Casa Blanca Lily, Gloriosa Lily,  Stargazer, Liatrus, Lilac,  Lisianthus, Narcissus, Orchid, Peach Blossom, Peony, Phlox, Poppy, Protea, Pussy willow, Ranunculus, Rose, Seeded Eucalyptus, Solidago, Statice, Stephanotis, Stock, Sweet Pea, Tulip, Viburnum, Wax flower, Zinnia,   


Alchemilla, Allium, Alstromeria, Amarayhus, Baby's Breath , Bird of Paradise, Calla lily, Campanula, Carnation, Chrysanthemum, Cockscomb, Cosmos, Dahlia, Delphinium, Dianthus, Didiscus, Euphorbia, Foxglove, Freesia, Gardenia, Genista, Ginger, Gladiolus, Heliconia, Heather, Hydrangea, Hypericum, Iris, Kangaroo paw, Liatrus, Lilac, Casa Blanca Lily, Gloriosa Lily, Star Gazer, Lisianthus.


Acacia, Allium, Alstromeria, Amaranthus, Anemone, Baby's Breath, Bittersweet, Carnation, China berry, Chrysanthemum, Cockscomb, Cosmos, Echinops, Freesia, Gerbera Daisy, Gladiolus, Hypericum, Iris, Juniper, Kangaroo Paw, Kalancheo, Liatrus, Lily, Asiatic, Lily, Gloriosa, Misty Blue, Orchid, Pepper berry, Protea, Queen Ann's Lace, Quince, Rover, Roses, Rowan berry, Salvia, Solidago, Statice, Star of Bethlehem, Sunflower, Yarrow, Zinnia.


Acacia, Alstromeria, Amaryllis, Carnation, Chrysanthemums, Cyclamen, Evergreens, Gerbera Daisy, Ginger, Helleborus, Holly berry, Lily, Asiatic Lily, Casa Blanca Lily, Narcissus, Orchid, Pepperberry, Phlox, Protea, Queen Ann's Lace, Roses, Star of Bethlehem, Statice.

Flowers Available Pretty Much Year Round

 Agapanthus, Alstromeria, Amaranthus, Anemone, Arachnis - Orchid, Aster Matsumoto, Monte Casino, Aster Novi, Aster Solidego, Banksia – type of protea, Bells of Ireland, Berzillia, Birds of Paradise, Bouvardia, Bupleurum. Calla Lily, Campanulla, Carnation, Cattleya - Orchid, Craspedia – Billy Ball, Curly Willow, Cymbidium, Delphinium, Dendrobium Orchid, Dusty Miller, Freesia, Gardenia, Geranium Scented Foliage, Gerbera, Ginger, Gladiola, Godetia, Gravellia, Gypsophila. Dianthus – Sweet William, Heather, Heliconia, Hydrangea, Hypericum, Iris, Kale, Kangaroo Paw, Larkspur, Leucodendron, Liatris, Lily , Lily of the Valley, Limonium, Lisianthus, Lysimachia – (moneywort or creeping jenny), Spider Mum, Oncidium, Peony, Phalenopsis Orchid, Phlox, Poms, Protea, Queen Anne’s Lace, Ranunculus, Rice Flower, Roses, Safari Sunset, Scabiosa, Snap Dragon, Star of Bethlehem, Statice, Stephanotis, Stock, Sunflower, Sweet Pea, Thistle, Trachelium, Tulip, Veronica, Wax flower, Yarrow


Edible Flowers

  • Allium

  • Anise Hyssop

  • Angelica

  • Arugula Blossoms

  • Basil

  • Batchelor’s Button

  • Bee Balm

  • Borage

  • Carnation

  • Calendula / Marigold

  • Chamomile

  • Chervil

  • Chicory

  • Dendrobium

  • Impatiens

  • Jasmine

  • Zucchini

  • Hibiscus

  • Lavender

  • Nasturtiums

  • Pansies

  • Roses

  • Sage Flowers

  • Sunflowers

  • Violets

edible flowers.jpg

Seasonal Flower AVAILABILITY

  • Acatia Mimosa – February

  • Allium – May – August

  • Amaryllis – October – January

  • Anthurium – April – December

  • Artemesia – August – December

  • Artichoke – April – November

  • Asclepia – November

  • Aster Beauty – Later July – October

  • Astilbe – February – December

  • Atriplex – May – November

  • Bitter Sweet Local – October

  • Boronia – March – May

  • Buddleia (butterfly bush) – June – October

  • Calcinia – July – October

  • Calendula – January – October

  • Celosia – May – December

  • Chinese Lantern – August – October

  • Coneflower – March – November

  • Cosmos – April – November

  • Dahlia – May – November

  • Echnipos – (globe thistle) – August – October

  • Fox Glove – May – June

  • Genester – December – March

  • Helenium – August – October

  • Hyacinth – December – July

  • Lilac – January – June

  • Lily Glorisa – August – October

  • Marigold – July – November

  • Millet – June – November

  • Mint – May – November

  • Monkshood – March – October

  • Montbretia – May – November

  • Nigella – May – December

  • Pepper Berry – September – January

  • Poppy – March

  • Rose Hips – July – November

  • Rudebeckia – August – October

  • Safflower – August – November

  • Salvia – May – November

  • Saponaria – (Tall Phlox) – April – June

  • Sarracenia –(pitcher Plant) – June – November

  • Sedum – June – November

  • Snow on the Mountain – March – November

  • Sterling Range – (similar to heather) – March – June

  • Sweet William – May – December

  • Tuberose – September – November

  • Wheat – April – November

  • Zinnia – July – September